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Suunto M9 Personal Sailing Instrument (rare, LNIB, for sale)

Suunto M9 Personal
Sailing Instrument

Suunto M9 Personal Sailing Instrument marks nothing less than a revolution in personal wrist watch equipment, - with its ability to position itself anywhere on the globe, via a built in GPS, it can track speed and bearing in addition to providing you meteorological trend information from the integral barometer and thermometer. Tested over months at sea in the most arduous conditions this is currently the ultimate sailing watch!
Winning Begins with a good start
Suunto M9 gives you instant access to all the sailing data you need allowing you to concentrate on being the first to cross the starting line. Suunto M9 calculates the correct line bias based on true wind direction and starting line location. A new bias can be calculated anytime by updating changed wind direction. It tells the distance to the starting line and whether to accelerate or slow down for perfect timing for the bang.
Who wants to sail faster?
Suunto M9 detects changes in wind direction and provides you with the information to take the shortest course to the buoy. It learns the course as you are sailing and detects reach and up-wind legs. At the same time it automatically provides layline and other important information. Suunto M9 offers simple access to a wide selection of speed-, distance-and time-derived information. Information for making the right decisions is available just under your sleeve.
Safety, if nothing else
Suunto M9 is not only a race instrument. It serves mariners by giving the position and right course to the destination without getting lost. And the barometer facility forecasts changes in the weather. It provides Man Over Board function at the push of a button. A safety device always at hand. The new 3-D compass provides exact bearings regardless of instrument inclination. It also compensates magnetic variation automatically.
Loyal and very honest practice Partner
Suunto M9 brings a new a dimension to training, racing and navigation. All information automatically collected during your sailing session can be downloaded onto your PC for further analysis. You may also review Speed Polar Data for series of races to obtain an overall view of performance improvement. Suunto M9 supports ARCS electronic charts and provides basic features for electronic navigation. It also serves as a Log Book by keeping track of each journey for later review.
Membership to to Suuntosports.com
All Suunto owners become members. The web connects you to the world-wide community, where you can share your information and knowledge with. And sometimes learn from your competitors so as to beat them again. Several Suunto M9 users may plot their tracks on a shared map and compare tactics and speed throughout the race - an excellent tool for coaching and analysing the race as a whole. World-wide coverage of ARCS electronic charts can be panned and zoomed in to plan sailing routes. General navigation features are also available online.
And More
Mobility - access to your personal sailing data anywhere, anytime. Personal sailing device - a host of features:
  • Time: Calendar, 3 alarms, dual time, stop watch, GPS time synchronization
  • Weather: Absolute barometric pressure, last 6 hour weather trend graph, temperature, 48-hour memory, weather alarm
  • Compass: Tilt compensated, Bearing, bearing tracking, bearing to waypoint (when navigation is active)
  • Sail: Speed, heading, distance, GPS navigation data, MOB function
  • Navigation: 50 routes, 500 waypoints, guidance to waypoint
  • Racing: Sailing timer, start line bias, distance to start line, lift / header calculation, distance to layline
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Box n paper

Asking price: IdR. 5.000.000,00 not include shipping and handling. Open to reasonable offers
Note: The watch is running and reliably telling time. Sold as is.

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